General information

Costa Rica is a Central American country usually considered as one of the most visited international destinations with a great potential for tourism. In fact, one of the main sources of income for the country is tourism. Democracy, Peace, a country that has been without an army since 1949.

Although the country is small and covers only 0.03% of the planet's surface, it has the privilege of having 5% of the existing biodiversity in the world. 25.58% of its territory is protected by various regulations on environmental conservation.

Costa Rica offers excellent conditions for investment and for the installation and development of major multinational companies. This is possible thanks to the acknowledged high standard of the population’s academic preparation, the high level of available services, social and political stability. 

Banks & Economy

There is an ample selection of state owned and privately held banks in San Jose, and throughout the country. The official currency of Costa Rica is the colon; however US dollars are widely accepted. US dollars and traveler's checks can be changed in banks and hotels. Most major credit cards are widely accepted, and cash advances can be obtained at banks around the country and a variety of places throughout San Jose.

You don't have to drive very far in Costa Rica -- past the coffee, pastures, bananas, and other crops -- to realize that agriculture is the basis of its economy. Coffee has historically been the country's most important crop, and Costa Rica continues to produce some of the finest coffee in the world. However in recent years less traditional crops have been playing an increasingly important economic role. Bananas are the second most important export crop, with vast plantations covering parts of the Caribbean lowlands. There is also significant land dedicated to the cultivation of pineapples, sugar, oranges, rice, hardwoods, and ornamental plants, as well as raising cattle for beef and dairy products.

Though agriculture remains the basis of the national economy, tourism has earned more than any single export crop during the last few years and the tourism industry continues to grow providing new employment opportunities and stimulating the conservation of our complex biodiversity.

Private property in Costa Rica

The law of Costa Rica recognizes to foreigners the same rights and protection on the real estate which grants to Costa Ricans.

There is a National Public Registry that is available online and publicly provides all those legal information concerning the companies, land, movable and real estate property with title of property in Costa Rica.

The reliability of this register on the information concerning the securities of property is such that at least six insurance companies of the United States offer policies on the title to these properties.

Geographical areas in which it is better to invest

North Pacific

In great demand. A great climate, wonderful beaches, growing infrastructure (including the expansion of the international airport of the city of Liberia) make the Guanacaste regions the most popular and visited of the country.

The real estate market has higher prices than in the metropolitan area for properties located close to the beaches and the trend is growing.

The wonderful and clear beaches of Guanacaste, its mountains, the wide variety of recreational activities and the many international hotel chains, contribute to the steady growth of the whole area.

Here are the communities that orbit on the beaches near the international airport of Liberia. Thanks to the international flights from Canada, the United States, Europe and Central and South America approximately 1,800,000 passengers a year visit this region with a trend of constant growth.

This arrival of tourists has attracted a large amount of foreign investment: figures are estimated of around $ 2 billion. Among the international investment it’s important to mention the realization of major hotel chains such as Holliday Inn, Westin, Four Seasons, Riu, Marriott, Hacienda Pinilla, Conchal, and the group Barceló, with golf courses and other spectacular developments. The area, in fact, includes the best facilities in the Costa Rican Pacific and has a warm, dry climate with over 250 days of guaranteed sunshine throughout the year: a long summer season is ideal to use the facilities.

The best investment opportunities in real estate require the combination of a large number of favorable circumstances as in fact occurred in Guanacaste.

Valley Central San José

Escazú - Santa Ana

The western suburbs of San Jose have become the commercial heart of the country. In particular, the city of Escazú and Santa Ana have a great climate and close proximity to all amenities you could want: a lot of great restaurants, world-class shopping, excellent schools and all the amenities of a big city, but without the problems of the crowded downtown San Jose.

And furthermore, with the opening of the highway Autopista del Sol that connects San Jose to Jaco beach town, it takes 45 minutes to get to the great beaches of the Central Pacific.

The Central Pacific

This region has seen a phenomenal growth in recent years: with the realization of the highway from San Jose to Jaco and the completion of the Carretera Costa Nera, which connects all these seaside resorts it has seen a great increase in real estate sales both Costa Ricans and foreigners. Beautiful beaches, a large foreign community and a large number of services have made this region very popular. The area has recently seen a large increase in the development of the private communities.

The Osa Peninsula and Limón

Virtually untouched and characterized by pristine beauty and wild, these areas are increasing the value of their land, but they are still cheaper than in many areas across the country. However, access can be difficult and requires infrastructure improvements. Those looking for a secluded tropical setting will find very interesting to visit these areas.

On what type of property it is advisable to invest in Costa Rica?

At this time in the first place there are the vacation rental houses which generally represent a good return on your investment today. They and can be purchased at a worthy price and then be put back on the market to be resold at a profit because they are located in areas of high demand where prices continue to rise. Other properties in great demand, which can be purchased at bargain prices, are those located in the luxury communities such as Villa Real, or other high level private residential.

Even commercial construction is another interesting niche to be taken into account.


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