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Chambres 27
Surface 2.200 mq
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Hotel luxury


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The newly built hotel was housed in a historic building, it consists of a large internal courtyard, in the center of which stands a well, which reaches the pretty garden and the private water door that allows you to access the hotel directly from a typical Venetian canal. The interiors are deliberately characterized by a clean and linear design that is both welcoming and unique. The exposed bricks and stone cladding of the original structure dominate, combined with the warmth of wood and the modernity of glass and metal. The interiors are all of a high level of comfort, furnished in a contemporary style and enriched with Murano glass chandeliers, artistic photographs, and decorative elements specially created by local artists and artisans for the hotel. Located just 10 minutes walk from the Santa Lucia train station and the Rialto Bridge, convenient to the Riva di Biasio and San Stae water bus stops.

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